Daddy's girl

this is my longest set yet surprisingly the pics told me the story and it came easy i hope you like it  please feel free to comment i love to hear from you and do tell your friends to come by and visit     hugs n kisses .....Meg

no more boy's night out

subtle change

Taming the elixer

for you Evie big hugs and ty for all you create

caught peeping

wet dream


my first story set a little dark a little seductive  i hope you enjoy. also a big thank you to all ,any comments  on any subject are more than welcome  big kissesss .....Meg

Elixer mistake

Girl time

The witches revenge

I'm in love ys i admit it  i love this girl i have no idea who she is but everytime i see her i get wet.
I hope you like my story as usual any feedback is welcome and if any of you know this girls name and phone
number please pass it on lol  hugs n kissesss ...........Meg


Happy Ending

  This one was fun to write Anyone ever have a "happy ending at the massage parlor .......

The experiment


The magician

      This girl has the most amazing tits i just had to use her for a cap hope you like ........Meg


Wet spot

The call

 This is a little gift for Candy when i saw the pic i thought of you hope you like it

Hello Laura

I've just noticed comments from a new poster. (9 March 2010) Takes me a while, but I get there in the end!

Her words of wisdom can be found at Romance and Bondage.

I posted a question Do Nice Girls Wear Leather? (Feb 2010) Her comment was:

Laura said...

I'm a nice girl. My brother introduces me as the "nice sister" though he has 3 sisters. I babysit for my other sister, even when I don't really and truly want to. I smile at people just to bring more smiles into the world. I really believe it is so easy to be negative and so important to be optimistic and positive in the world. There has to be a balance.

And yet, having said (or typed) all of that... I am Domme. I have such a good time being wicked and evil in this way. Maybe it's because I am so nice. It does get a bit tiring being nice. It is particularly annoying the way people assume someone nice is easy to take advantage of and gullible. Maybe being a Domme is my bit of payback. As we all know... payback is a bitch.

I don't know about wearing leather. I am a BBW. I haven't bought fetish wear before. I do like showing cleavage sometimes. With a lot of cleavage to show I am select about how much and where I show it. Leather is kind of expensive to try and find I don't care for it. I'm not overly fond of tight clothing. I enjoy romantic looking clothes more than dark and leathery.

Writing this was so much fun I am going to post it to my own blog now. :)

Thank you, Laura. I was wondering if any ladies read my blog, now I know. I hope you know the reason for my delay in replying, and also hope you continue to add your 2c, so I can spend mine a little more wisely.

P.S. About that cleavage...

Are You Happy?

Are you happy? What would make you happy? Do you even know? If you got what you thought would make you happy, would it in fact make you miserable? I suppose there's only one way to find out...

All the fun, but none of the responsibility. Now there's a recipe for happiness!

Will It End In Tears

In this world of ever-increasing thrills, one has to ask, "Where will it end?" I think life used to be less stressful years ago, because expectations were lower. Once you have what you've worked for, will you stop? Will you be happy with your lot? If the advertisers are to be believed: no. The same is true for the highs of love.

The imagination can go anywhere. You can relive the highs in so many different ways, but in reality some fantasies can only be done once. In you head is safer that outside. But don't let that stop you from sharing. It's not stopped me...

The Masochist says to the Sadist...

"Hit me, hit me." But in my fantasies she does...

Do we take Nudity for Granted?

You probably found your way here because you were surfing porn. (Followers aside. But then... how did you guys first get here to follow? Humn?) I love the female form. You probably noticed? So do I have double standards when I see young girls flashing at clubs, when they clearly have had too much to drink? I think close-up and personal flashing should be something lovers do. Definitely not something to do when drunk. Do I sound prudish?

Now, on the Internet. Ah, now. Humn, there goes that double standard. So what's the difference? For every exhibitionist should there be a voyeur?

I think the key is the artificial relaxant. If you need it, then you probably shouldn't be doing what you're doing. I think self-respect should come into it somewhere. And if the girls concerned don't respect themselves, how do they hope to attract guys that respect them?

Holiday Season Again

Are you thinking of your holidays, again? Time to kick back and relax? Looking forward to a well deserved rest? Well, in my fantasies I have a different kind of holiday planned...

Sometimes a little help is required.

It's The Uncertainty Of It All

It all has to start somewhere. I think exploring this kind of play together is the best. There are all sorts of questions, as everything is new. In fantasy, of course, all the questions are answered to everyone's satisfaction, and so the game commences.

You may think the following collection of captions shows a wide range of lovelies. You're right. I just can't make up my mind which type of lovely I like the best. I wonder if I'll ever find someone as indecisive about chastity release dates?