Elisa's Whoredition Part 2

Here is the second part of *new stable sissy Elisa Anale's whoredition*. As I have said, she can be very tricky to track down, but when I have her she likes to submit completely into being *a filthy big toy loving anal slut*. She also likes to have her *sissy tits and nipples* worked, I just don't think she was expecting to use the kind of 'weight' to pull on her nipple-chain that I made her use.

Just like Real Girls....

Sometimes you* sissy sluts* really make Daddy chuckle and smile in the way you can be so cute behaving *just like real girls*... *O.M.G! Where's the Blog Daddy?*Take the other day for example, with the Cam Slut XXX Factor hotting-up, the blog was down for 1 day, and suddenly it was *Panic!* *Hysteria!* *"Where's the blog gone Daddy?" "Where's the blog gone Master?"* Typical girls - so cute. Actually it was nice to see such a good reaction from you girls, not just those of you being nominated, but also from all you others. It is also*great to see so many of you * voting! Thank You.

Approved:Welcome to the stable Claudia

So we have a *new slut* that has successfully passed her *Whoredition* - Welcome *Claudia* from France, I am most happy to have you here on my blog and willing to show off your talents for all. Very feminine, looking wonderful in full latex, and as you will soon see this sissy has an* incredibly accomodating* and *incredibly greedy*asspussi. More pictures and videos to follow soon from her Whoredition. *Claudia... bienvenu!*

Sissy Handjob Training

For *those girls that have served me on cam *- there is one thing they will know I insist on. Treating a man's cock as it should be - *with love* and *like a slut*. One problem I have with real girls out there - they really don't appreciate the *value and importance to a guy of having his cock stroked nicely* - a quick shake and then pop it into your mouth? - No, no, no NO! 4 things wrong with this - can you guess them? Now a lot of you sissy sluts *understand the importance of giving a good blowjob *to a man (though technique can be improved for some), but most I find do not displa...

Training - Feminization

Hope all you little sissies had a frilly weekend! I sure did......hee hee. Well, let's get back to work. Today's trainig vid is a short, mild effective one. Watch it several times today....maybe, with hard work and determination, you will end up like the pretty girl in the pink bikini!!!!! Of course today you will be tucked, wearing as much pink as possible thinking girly thoughts all day. I love you sissy.

Information Only - Please Read

Very soon,I will have a page up for you sissies to help follow a coherent schedule of training. As soon as it's ready, I will publish it here. Simple stuff that even the crummiest of weak-willed sissies can do as well as advanced training for the serious of the bunch. Stay tuned sissy! I'm doing this for you so smile..... 

Wanking Material Hot Black

I am so sorry to have neglected you little sissies for so long. Two issues caused his. I had a long term assigment causing me to share a corp condo with very limiting firewall. I could not risk being jamie while there. And I got lazy and selfish and only indulged my own sissiness during the period because, afterall, i am just a sissy.......Sorry!

Anyway, here is a sissy treat for you. Every sissy would give their left nipple to be jamie coxx in this vid. I couldn't find a way to embed it so the quality isnot superb. But I'm sure it will get your little clitties hard thinking about this powerful black man...you KNOW you want to be put in your passive place by an Alpha Male...to take him anyway he wants to give it....degraing you a little.....filling you up.....Yum!

Please enjoy this clip and wank all you want today. I declare today a sissy extravaganza...you may do whatever you wish......tomrrow, you are mine again. I love you sissy. you desreve me and i will take better care of you for now.....

Back to School

OK sissies....let's get back to work. Too much time has passed sice I last gave you an assignment so this may seem difficult. This assignment has two parts. Both are equally important for different reasons. Here they are:
1. In your highest heels, I want you to stand with your toes up against a wall. Feet together like a lady, shoulders back. Now I want you to hold up a playing card with your nose. A business card will also do very well. You don't need to know why, just do it. Do this for a period of 5 uninterrupted minutes. If you drop the card, start over. It is mportant to last for 5 minutes. If, after 4 tries, you just can't, skip this step and go onto part 2.
2. Still in your highest heels, I want you to stand with your back against a wall with heels touching it. Feet together, of course. Now press your buttocks AND your shoulders back and touch the wall with them. You must stand this way for 5 uninterrupted minutes. If you fail, you MUST try again until you can stand for 5 minutes. If, after 4 tries, you can't do this. You are to edge three timesby nubbing  and go to bed horny.

If you ARE able to complete both tasks, you may nub to orgasm and eat it as a reward.

Ths is an important ritual and you should be doing it frequently as a part of your training. Go posture is critical to being a proper lady. If you ever want a man to fuck you as a girl, you'll have to try your best to present yourself this way. These exercises will help if you practice. Maybe someday you will have a Brazillian Butt like this hottie!

Anal Training

Before I get into this, I want to point out that I will be posting a calander of traning very soon. All of you little sissy faggots need more structure! I am quite surprised to read the emails that you have not trained in my absence. Becming the girl you were MEANT to be is YOUR task. you must want it more than I do. Sarifice and dedication are required to be a little girl.....so, decide if this is for you and, if so, DO IT!

For todays assignment, we are going to do some anal training. Every little sissy needs to have a smooth pussy ready to take cock at her man's command. It must be READY at all times  - besides, it's your destiny in life....why not embrace it?

****Before any anal activity make sure you are squeaky clean by douching...just sayin'*****

This may seem a bit unorthodox but trust me. If you are not already a golfer, I want you to go out and buy a sleeve of 3 golf balls. Golf balls are just about the rigt width to simulate a nice thick penis.So, let's take one out and put it in your mouth...get it all wet....it's OK to lube your pussy too....now press it in. Repeat this with another then the third. Pull up your panties and put on some heels.

Now for the fun part.....golf balls are covered in Surlyn. This gives them a smooth but non-slip surface. The coefficient of friction is quite high so the balls will move around in your pussy -causing them to 'grab' each other- as you move around. Take a walk in your heels. Feel the balls moving, clicking against each other, rolling a little? Feels good, right? And the BESTEST part is, not onlyare you getting the inside walls of you pussy used to having somthing in there, but you can do this anytime every day under your 'street clothes'. What fun!

After 30 minutes of walking, you may nub into your panties then push the balls out one by one with your panties intact. Of course, each one will need to be cleaned from remnant goo and pussy juice. Once finished, leave the panties on until the leftover goo dries and gets a little crusty. This is an unfortunate side effect for a girl who gets fucked in a 'quickie' then has to continue her day. A woman's work is never done!

Training - Good sissy

No wanking today! Don't even think about it. You may nub and edge as often as you like -BUT- if you goo, I want a written apology explaining why I should keep wasting my time with you. If you can't even follow simple instructions, you are not serious about your training.

Here is a fun sissy training video. I rec you wacht it 'full screen' from a laptop sitting on your chest in a dark room, with headphones, for best effect. Otherwise, a desktop in a dark room will have to do. Watch he whole thing....LISTEN and HEAR it. you NEED it. I love you sissy.

Double Penetration

Most men, especially in their adolescent years, have threesome fantasies. Invariably they always involve being with two women. What a lucky guy I am. Last night I got to enjoy both Debbie and Karen. It's just that it wasn't they I had dreamed about it during my pubescent years and when my hormones were driven by regular sex. Yeah I had early experiences in crossdressing with Gerry and licking Big Mitch's ass, but real FemDom didn't creep in until several years later. Both Debbie and Karen used their strap-ons on me last night. While one took me anally, I served the other orally...

Karen's Cuckold

The vacation's over on Saturday and the three of us will be flying back home. There's still a few days left to enjoy my two Dommes as I revel in various levels of adoration, servitude and submission. Last night, plans were finalized for my first real cuckolding experience involving Karen. It's really not going to be a first for her since she's already been with Debbie's lover Hal, just not in my presence. Next week, that's going to change. Hal's in town for two days and Debbie's got a business trip out of town that just happens to fall around the same time. She may only see him ...

Spankings from BBW's

A spanking at the hands of a Dominant BBW can be quite intimidating, enjoyable and effective. That's especially true if you're one of those submissive males who enjoys large, powerful or even Amazon-like women. According to both Karen and Debbie, I misbehave a little this morning. My transgression was a remark I made that they said was "flippant." I couldn't convince them to see the humor I had intended. I found myself over Karen's lap while Debbie watched. It was a long spanking, the second half of which I accepted with my panties bunched up and in my mouth to stifle my crie...

FemDom at the Beach

I tend to prefer poolside, but both Debbie and Karen like to have me close by to do their bidding. Since they prefer the beach, then I guess so does their submissive. They don't have to yell when they want more sunscreen rubbed on their backs and thighs, or when they want another gin and tonic. My servitude is becoming quite noticeable to a few other onlookers. At least I haven't been made to serve publicly as their personal seat cushion. No need to get arrested. A interesting fantasy though. A little more beach sand and this lucky submissive could become quite inconspicuous....

Showing My Many Submissions in Public

I had specific instructions on where to meet Karen this afternoon at the airport - Just outside of security where she'd be exiting from the terminal where her plane landed. I was nervous. I had no idea what, if anything she would expect from me. A public submissive greeting isn't something I've done before, and from the Domme's side of the coin, neither had she. We smiled at each other when our eyes met and there was a hug and a kiss. She immediately handed me the small carry-on bag she had and her purse. "Hold this. I'm going to the ladies room. I'm sure you'd like to come w...

BBW's at the Beach

Headed to the beach this morning with Debbie and Karen after a double dose of morning worship, an indication of how the rest of the week is going to go. Debbie let Karen do the honors of locking me in the Birdlock just a few minutes ago and we'll be on our way soon. The availability of beautiful swimsuits for women of all sizes makes the scenery at the beaches this summer all the more interesting. Debbie and Karen know that I like to look, as long as I don't gawk and make it too obvious. But sometimes, you just have to sneak a peak... ....and even look again.... Both pictures fr...

Strap-on Dommes

I was told earlier this afternoon that both Debbie and Karen were going to use their respective strap-on dildos on me this week. What a surprise. "Maybe we'll both use you at the same time" Karen suggested. Debbie thought that was a good idea. Nothing yet but the night is still young. They're gone for a walk on the beach while I d a little cleaning up in the condo. Shucks, I forgot my maids uniform back home :( But I have these sexy thoughts of the two of them wearing their strap-ons floating around in my mind. Here's one of the sexier photos of a woman with a strap-on that I'...

Sucking And Fucking

The sex lives of every married couple evolve over time. The changes that take place aren't always good either. I would assume that, for the most part, couples who are into kink and also have a high sex drive tend to enjoy sex more the longer they've been together. It's just a rather simple observation on my part and one that might only be slightly related to today's post. If you've read my posts for awhile you're correct if you've assumed that I don't fuck Debbie anymore. I haven't in a long time. Almost three years I think. It's a lifestyle-related decisions she's made and as...

Ass Licking

Here's a different take on worshiping a Dominant woman's ass. She's already got her strap-on in place so you can suck it while you're down there. From FemDomz Nice. The ass is almost the perfect size too.

Greeting A Domme

I'm leaving with Debbie in a little while to go pick up Karen at the airport. She's going to join us here for our second week of vacation. Since I was introduced to Karen, in addition to the compatibilities we have sexually, the three of us have become great friends. No doubt kink helped this friendship blossom, but we're both happy that there's more to it than just sex. Just thought I'd get that out of the way. Karen called before her flight left this morning and spoke briefly to the two of us. I told her I missed her this past week and she admitted that she had missed me too....