Sissy Training

I was going to write a short piece of flash fiction on this subject but it wouldn't do justice to the real life situation that exists in the life of a Domme and Her sissy. Many dominant woman enjoy training their submissives, some more than others. Some of them come up with some pretty clever ways to exert their control over their subs (especially sissy subs) and at the same time, provide them with the opportunity to learn some real life skills. For instance the clever Nicole over at As She Pleases has her sissy fiancee Jennifer taking some "nail technology" classes so that Jennife...

FemDom Office - The Midyear Evaluation

John had really been an exceptional employee in the first half of the year thought his manager Marcia as she pondered how to word his midyear evaluation. Save for the one time he was late for his weekly spanking with her, there were no other marks on his record. His obedience to her and his work for the Female Led Business Unit were outstanding. John was in line for a promotion to another department, but Marcia hated to lose his services. Training a new employee (submissive) could be fun, but some took more time than others and didn't always work out. John was a keeper. As John...

The Hazards of Female Dominance

Being safe in any BDSM or D/s situation should be of utmost importance. One thing to remember are the hazards of second hand smoke... From Fuck Yeah, Namio Harukawa ....regardless of how you inhale it.

Morning Worship

Karen spent the night at our house last night. No, it wasn't a kinky threesome like you might be thinking, but by the same token it was pretty far from being a vanilla Saturday night also (more on that later this week, because there's lots to explain). With my two Dommes in the same house this morning, there's double morning worship for me. It's only respectful that I kneel before each of them. From Bossy Glossy DamesThere are some things they insist upon before breakfast. FromHer facepet's place

Cuckolds who Clean

"One way or another he ends up cleaning" said Sylvia to the women in attendance at the Cuckold Couples Support Group meeting. Referring to her cuckold husband Bob, Sylvia continued "If he's around when I'm with my lover James, he has to clean the both of us after we've made love." From Church of the Big Black Penis "If the cuckold isn't around, then his job is to clean the messy sheets as soon as he gets home" Sylvia said as the rest of the women giggled. From Cuckold Collection "Of course if he's not there, I get to clean James myself" Sylvia said smiling.

Maternal Discipline

By definition, can a Dominant Wife administer "Maternal Discipline" to her submissive husband? Of course not. It would be strictly role play now wouldn't it? So what's her next best option? Why bringing her submissive husband to her mother of course. The submissive's Mother-in-Law to be more specific. For an outstanding piece on this very subject, check out Mistress Milliscent's recent post, The Vacation, From Beautiful Puget Sound. No one writes flash fiction like She does. In my opinion, She's the First Lady of Flash Fiction when it comes to kinky Femdom scenes. I'm sure s...

The Submissive Cuckold's Breakfast

As soon as your Mistress awakes, you follow her to the bathroom. She provides you with your morning's sustenance. From Ass-tralia It's what I had for breakfast this morning.

The Submissive Cuckold's Lunch

It's been awhile since breakfast and you just wait for the call. You're told to meet her at her office. She has lunch waiting for you. From Pussy Worshiper Boy It's an awesome lunch. Even tastier than what you had for breakfast.

The Submissive Cuckolds Dinner

She's late for dinner, but you knew she would be. You have to wait for her. She finally arrives to feed you. She tastes so different than she did at breakfast and lunch. From Pussy Worshipper BoyIt's something you've tasted before. At least you know where she's been. From Fem Dom Hotwife Interracial

Sissies Sucking Cock

When they're good enough, sissies' masters sometimes allow them the pleasure of serving two cocks at the same time. Those are always special days for sissies, one in which they fulfill a long-held fantasy.

Enjoying the Heat

It's almost around 115 degrees close to where I live today. Our home is at a higher elevation so we're only around 105 I think. I love the heat. Maybe we'll move to Death Valley where it's supposed to hit 130 degrees today. It was very warm where I spent part of this afternoon, even though I was indoors with the AC on at a dry and comfortable 74 degrees. The spaces between Karen's thighs and her ass cheeks are quite hot. There's also plenty of humidity. So if you're just a "dry heat" type of person, it's probably not the place for you.

My Kinks, Fetishes, Fantasies and Blog

Yesterday's email from Google to all bloggers who publish adult content (more on that later) got me to thinking about my blog and how it's evolved since I started it more than a year and a half ago. I've tried to keep the blog fresh, which is a difficult thing to do. I try to post daily and often twice a day. There are times though where I just can't keep up that pace and no doubt, it's not going to last forever. The content of this blog probably fits into four rather broad categories: my personal real life experiences that happen now, my past experiences, fictional snippets that...

Cuckold Duties

The cuckold's preparation of his wife for her lover often begins before the bull or lover even arrives. While the bull enjoys putting the cuckold through his paces and seeing him prep the wife and do some fluffing, sometimes he's just pressed for time. In this photo, the wife is most likely texting her lover.... From Female Erotic Power Russian Library "Cuckie is cleaning my ass now" she writes to her lover, "it should be ready by the time you get here." Lucky cucky. I won't be having any such duties this weekend.

Worshiping a BBW

I'm really hoping that I get a chance to see Karen this weekend. Debbie's got a busy weekend lined up with a volunteer project and unless so while I'm left home alone locked up in my Birdlock, why not be doing something useful? Sometimes I'm not sure what's more frustrating, being teased by a Dominant Woman while I'm in chastity, or just being left alone and locked. My mind fantasizes while in solitude and the frustration just mounts. So I've been thinking of Karen most of the morning and waiting for her to return my phone call. Right now I'd do anything to see her this weekend ...

Big Bad Bulls

"In the vast majority of the cuckolding couples we run across, there are significant difference between the lover or lovers the wife chooses to be with, and the cuckold husband" said Vickie, one of two therapists who were invited to the Cuckold Couples Support Group meeting. Vickie and the other therapist Greg, specialized in counseling marriages that were on the verge of breaking apart not just because of infidelity, but infidelity that was initially suggested and encouraged by the husband and eventual cuckold. Vickie continued "...and even though there are several significant dif...

Karen's Piss Slave

Golden showers are probably most often associated with D/s play, the dominant partner showering their submissive often as a way of symbolically "marking" them as their property. I'm sure they can be highly erotic in other situations where a power dynamic isn't that strong between the two or more partners, but in my case, I've never experienced one outside of the D/s dynamic. And no, I've never given one either. Debbie had a meeting last night and I had her permission to hook up with Karen. Actually, the two of them had talked over the weekend and it was decided that I would be av...

Public Cuckold Humiliation

One of the things that excites many a submissive male is the threat of public humiliation. The threat alone is enough to do it. However, I think most would cower with fear at being publicly humiliated n the ways they fantasize about. My experiences with public humiliation pale in comparison to my fantasies. And my experiences have tended to be when Debbie and I have been traveling and miles and miles away from home. Still, there's the risk that my many acquaintences might see me. And, we've not quite yet built up the guts to look for kinky friends beyond our close circle of Ton...