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With Love from Sissy (Assignment)

Happy Valentine's Day, Sissies!

Hopefully you've gone and handed someone you fancy a valentine signed with your girly name (if not, there's still time!). There's no better way you show your appreciation than to make your feelings known.

But Valentine's Day is about love, so it's a great time to show your love for your girly side, too.

And what better way to show your love for your sissy side and your special someone than by practicing your girly voice while singing a love song? Time to serenade the love of your life with an appropriately girly tune (or at least practice). Not much practice talking like a girl? You should really remedy that, sissy.

You're the only one that can know the perfect song to represent your feelings, but there are tons and tons to choose from. Maybe you're a bit addicted to that person you love? Or they're the fuel for your flame? Or maybe you're just hoping they'll make the first move

Find your girly voice and try to talk out what you love about being a girl and your special someone. Make sure you've got your voice nice and solid in your girly range (no accidental squeaking or falling back to your dull male voice). Then practice your song a few times (since some of you sissies cheat and don't follow through: that's 3 practice tries, sissy).

Then it's time to belt it out like a sissy diva. Extra bonus points for doing it properly dressed and in front of your beloved (but don't worry if you're too shy to openly profess your love of being a sissy and your love of that special someone).