2012 Resolutions (2)

It's almost the beginning of a new year (for most of the world, anyway), which means it's also time for resolutions. Goals for you to aspire to and fulfill for a full year. So yesterday and today I've got some resolution ideas for you. They'll be split between feminization and sissification.

Today is the day to pick a resolution for your own sissification throughout the year.

Every sissy aspires to pure femininity, but their end-goal as a girl can differ greatly. Some want to be cuckolded, some want to become cumsluts, some want to be obedient submissives, and others just want to be girls. Some are undecided and sample from all walks of sissydom. So your sissification goal will very much depend on you.

1. Buy a dildo and/or a butt plug.

Do you dream of sucking cock every night? Is your mind full of ideas of you dressed as a slut, taking it in each of your sissy holes? If either of those sound remotely like you, then it's time to stop putting off your destiny any longer. Buy a dildo or a buttplug (or both) and start practicing stretching and sucking every day. When you finally reach the tipping point of making your dreams come true you'll be ready on moment's notice. Plus you'll have loads of fun in the meantime.

2. Only cum once per week

As discussed previously, your head and male persona are the main obstacles preventing your sissification from progressing more rapidly. Right after he cums he wants to rub off all the makeup, turn off the hypnosis and spit out that lovely load of cum. Well it's time to limit his influence by limiting how often you masturbate to just once a week. 52 orgasms per year or fewer. It may even be time to get yourself a cage and hand off the key to someone to keep you honest. But think of the progress your feminine side will make (and how sensitive your clitty will be for each time you cum)!

3. Get and maintain a sissy tan

You don't need deep-bronzed skin. You don't even need to visit a tanning salon every day, but you are going at least 3 times per week until you get a base tan, and then once per week after that. Wearing a bikini (or bra and panties) so that you can be sure to have sissy lingerie branded onto your skin. And then in summer you can tan outside, how perfect for a blossoming sissy!

4. Get a professional manicure/pedicure at least every 3 months.

Sissies, like the girls they emulate, focus on beauty. And if a sissy's goal is simply to be the best possible girl, then she certainly has to follow suit. Many women treat themselves to manicures and pedicures for special occasions. And while many of them do them at home very week or two, beauty-conscious women often go in for professional work every few months for a day of pampering. It's time to add that to you schedule. You're going to get your nails done - professionally (although you can certainly work on them every week at home, too). And you'll surely want to build up a rapport with your nail technician, so make sure you go to the same nail salon each time.

5. Wear diapers at least once per day

Because many sissies love AB/DL, I've got an extra resolution option for them: wear a diaper at least one day per week. Of course, on the day diapers are mandatory good little sissies will only use the potty once in the morning, and then are relegated to their diaper for the rest of the day.

So there you go, sissies. It's time to pick which resolutions you want to embrace for the coming year. You'll certainly need one feminization resolution, but whether or not you have a sissification goal is up to you (of course, if it were up to me I'd say "Yes, you need to have one!" :D ).

That does it for 2011. Thanks for visiting the blog and providing feedback (also nice to see the feminization resolutions have garnered such a fast response!). I appreciate the support! So...