Instruction Videos

I've noted before that I love second person materials (the "you do it" narrative). Unfortunately it can be very difficult to find quality material, because the "you" that the person in the video is speaking to may not coincide with you. Since they're addressing the viewer they're usually POV (point of view) videos.

There's a propensity with domination and instructional videos to call the viewer a loser or worthless, which just doesn't flow with me (some sissies might be losers, but the two are not synonymous). Although some of those videos can still be good.

And if you're hanging out on this blog you likely have at least partly similar tastes, so I'm here to share some of my favorites (there are plenty of websites around for collections of videos, like Annamalice's). Two subsets of 2nd person videos are CEI (cum eating instructions) and JOI (jerk-off instructions). If ever a sissy could feel like she's not alone, it's when there are two obscure acronyms attached to her fetishes.

Three-part Feminization
Wear a chemise and panties to bed, wear lip gloss and paint your nails. If nothing else you'll get a nice example of why you should do the Gloss assignment.

Buttplug encouragement
Loses me after the 6 minute mark, but otherwise a nice entrapment/blackmail video.

CEI spoon
Lexi Lapetina can be hit or miss. The first minute misses the mark for me, but the double-take interaction at the end can make up for it.

POV sucking
This one is one of the few 'training' videos around that are actually POV with a cock in your face, so that's why it gets my recommendation.

Of course, many sissies - like most women - do best with text and pictures, but sometimes audio and video can be absolutely enthralling. Happy viewing, sissies!