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Medallion of Zulo: Two Stories

Despite being a fan of transformation, I never really tried the Medallion of Zulo setting until I read Loki's Captions. So I figure I will give it a test and it's surprisingly fun.

Wilder Antics

First Time

Transcript for Wilder Antics:
“Come on, suck it already,”

“Oh jeez, aren’t you impatient?” Norene frowned as she cupped her hands around the stranger’s balls, teasing it.

“Sorry, I’m afraid the housekeepers will come in anytime soon,”

“Don’t worry, I’m Mrs Britton now, remember? This is my house. Besides, the housekeeper today is a male, I’m sure he would want to have a cut of action, hmm?”

“Shit, we’re really perverts aren’t we? ”

James smiled internally; ever since he stumbled upon the Medallion of Zulu and discovered its ability, James is having so much transforming himself into other people, especially members of the opposite sex. When he got bored of masturbating in his new found women body, he decided to confide his secrets to his best friend, Taylor, and made him into a regular sex partner; with each passing day, their antics grew bolder and their sex, wilder.

Today, they decided to break into the house of Mr and Mrs Britton, the couple of whom Taylor had taken interest into, especially, Mrs Norene Britton. Raiding her wardrobe, James took out a pair of silky black stockings and heels and rub the Medallion with it. Within moments of wearing the set, James felt the transformation; his body grew smaller, his hair grew longer and blonde, he felt his hip buckling and developing, his rump becoming fuller and rounder, his breasts forming from his chest eventually settling into humble cup size of C, his penis shrinking and settling into his body, leaving a moist slit in its absence and he felt his face growing softer and changing that of Norene Britton.

“James, quit teasing me already!”

James snapped out of his flashback. What an impatient man, he thought.

“That is Mrs Britton, young man,” James retorted as he starts to give his heads.

Transcript for First Time:
When I stumbled upon a charity shop yesterday, I found a medallion or sorts on its shelves. Feeling a bit curious, I went on and purchase it.

Investigating and reading the inscription, I realise that it is the Medallion of Zulo and it actually changes your appearance to that of people you wish to be by wearing their clothes.

Being a closet crossdresser, I have always wanted to try to look passable as a women but because of my natural size, I couldn’t but with this, perhaps, I could realise my dream.

Sneaking into my sister’s room, I donned on the pink chiffon dress and felt a shock through my body. I felt my hair growing, golden curls resting on my shrinking shoulder, breasts developing, pushing the elastic garment and creating a deep and pleasing cleavage. My skin grew soft and and tanned, matching the complexion of my sister’s. Once, I felt the transformation completing, I looked into the mirror and to my due surpise, standing there looking equally shocked is my sister!

“Oh shit, it works!” I laughed and immediately covered my mouth for the words coming out was coated in my sister’s honeyed voice.

But what do I do now?

“No worries there,” I thought as I sat on the sofa, admiring my toned legs and cleavage. “I have plenty of time after all.”