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The Mimic: Third Step

For the uninitiated, please refer to previous post.


Summer is here and Darren is bored. After his stint with Diana, he busied himself with his studies so as not to rouse any suspicion from his parents that he’s getting distracted. And now that the finals are over, Darren started to fantasise the next few rounds of impersonation he had planned; perhaps Miss Riley, the office lady down the street or Fu Mei, his quiet Chinese classmate from Chemistry.

However, a dilemma soon dawns on him; he needs money for the summer. If he works, he would have lesser time to hone his craft of impersonation, furthermore, he hates working part-time. Yet, if he doesn’t, he wouldn’t have money to fund his craft or his other activities for that matter.

While Darren mulled over the problem, he remembered that the Lorrin family, down in the suburbs where well-to-do family lives, is in need of a tutor for their only son, Adrian who is one year younger than him. Darren happens to be very good at his studies so this job seems suitable. However, that was not his intention. The Lorrin family has three ladies, the mother, Mrs Lorrin, the eldest daughter who is in college, Nikki and the youngest daughter, Melanie who is one year older than him. Prestige, class and wealth, Darren wonders how these ladies are and got excited when he thought of the various opportunities to learn from them.

Going as himself is acceptable but Darren mused  why not go as a female as well? He can hone his craft while earning his keep, brilliant! And he has the perfect disguise for this situation as well.

“Ah, Aunt Kimber, it’s nice to see you again,” Darren smiles as he looks into the mirror.

“Well, I can’t ignore the request of my favourite nephew now, can I?” the reflection replies in a husky voice. “Aunt Kimber” posed in front of the mirror and inspect her clothes, pin-strip suit hugged tightly to her round body, black tights that enveloped her shapely legs and a spectacle to complete the facade. She has a conservative look but yet exude a sense of allure to observers.

God, I look sexy. Darren thought. Since, I have a bit of time left, might as well have a bit of fun being Aunt Kimber, Aunt Kimber smacked her lips as her hands slipped into her skirt.