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The Big Game

Every sissy dreams of being a cheerleader....sexy clothes, hair, nails dancing provocatively in front of athletic men...... who wouldn't want to be one???

Your assignment today is simple....if you are hoping the Giants win the Super Bowl, you must paint your toenails some shade of BLUE for the game (purple counts). If you want the Patriots to win, your nails need to be some shade of RED (pink counts here). DON"T FORGET MATCHING PANTIES!!! See, not too hard right???
If you are going to a Super Bowl Party, do your best to serve others, get a beer for your friend, clean up after others....do your femme duties with a smile. Also, I think it's best if you cheer with some enthusiasm....you are a cheerleader afterall.
Lastly, if you have one, you are to have a butt plug inserted for the entire evening...this will help prevent you from slipping back into your male role....you are a girl remember?