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Total Gayness

OMG! You are so GAY!!!! Hee hee... isn't it fun? I just love that word! Not really in the derogatory sense....just like two girls kidding/playing with each other. The vid below just really expresses the entire meaning.... be gay - afterall, it's what you were born into, right? Don't fight it, embrace it sissy.

This is a terrific video  for today's assignment. Just the right length. Now go get both dildos  - you DO have two by now right? - and I want you to watch the enitire video with one going in and out of your mouth and the other going in and out of your pussy. Take your time to set this up so you can do it correctly....don't rush....savor it. Position a mirror so you can see your gayness sucking on a cock, so you can see the you ass-lips gripping the cock.....feel the faginess of it all....mmmmmmmmm!

Now, you may cum when the vid ends - by ruined orgasm only. You are NOT to lick it up. Instead, I want you to massage it into your breasts and let it dry. Tomorrow's assignment will be a little more strict so enjoy this while you can. I love you sissy!